Altair Aviation Ltd provides a Diamond Star DA40 D – G-ZANY, based at Stapleford Aerodrome, Essex, UK.

G-ZANY uses Jet-A1 fuel and features the following impressive IFR specification:

G-ZANY DA40 sports a full IFR specification
G-ZANY DA40 sports a full IFR specification
  • Twin Garmin 430 GPS
  • Garmin 340 Audio Panel
  • Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder
  • Slaved HSI
  • 2nd Altimeter
  • Autopilot with Altitude Pre Select
  • Stormscope
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks
  • Over 1000nm range possible
  • Baggage Extension
  • 4 Seat touring at 130Kts cruise

This wide range of instruments makes this aircraft ideal for IMC training and operations, and the cruise speed and long range tanks provide excellent touring capability.

Training is available in the DA40 at Stapleford – the process is a simple conversion from conventional aircraft.

The aircraft has excellent availability in the region of 80% with an online booking system, and there is a no capital/non-equity group share arrangement in place for frequent flyers.

G-ZANY DA40 for Rent at Stapleford
G-ZANY DA40 for rent at Stapleford

More details on the Diamond Aircraft range and the DA40 in particular can be found at the manufacturer’s site: Diamond Aircraft Industries

For further details please contact DA40GZANY@GMAIL.COM